Saturday, April 12, 2008

a rare moment of peace in my day...

Both kids are taking a nap, so I decided to take a moment to post after a long absence. New York was great, and I'll come back to that a little later this week, hopefully post a few pictures. The convention was awesome too, although I got sick that first day and missed the whole first afternoon, including about 5 sessions I really wanted to go to. But regardless, the TESOL convention is definitely one of the best things I can do as a teacher/teacher trainer and it rejuvenates and motivates me like little else in the field...

A quick overview of our week:

1. Got home Sunday night to a distraught mother-in-law - turns out she had pneumonia while she was watching the kids! She went to the doctor on Monday and I stayed home from work, she's now got the right medicine and feeling better, but I definitely feel terrible about how bad she felt while we were gone.
2. Nicolas came down with a fever on Monday. We couldn't keep it down, so took him to the doctor on Tuesday and it turns out he has tonsillitis! What a nasty thing - after rotavirus it is the worst (so far) we have had to deal with. He cried constantly, had a fever that kept him delirious for almost 3 days, looked like we was wasting away (probably lost 2-3 lbs.) because he wouldn't eat or drink anything, and finally started feeling a little better yesterday afternoon. Quite a terrible week, just waiting for Agustin to come down with it now, hoping it won't happen, but even Andres and I feel like we have sore throats, so maybe we'll all get it. Not sure how contagious it is.
3. Talked to my grandma today and wished my uncle a happy birthday and it felt really good to make that connection with home after a week in NY being able to talk to my sister and mom whenever they got the time to call (and could locate us in the hotel room!). So great to think that we'll be there with them in a few short months. Will be our first time to the state fair in two years and we're really looking forward to it!

Guess I thought I had more to say. Will be back again with pictures and thoughts from our trip. In the meantime, here are just a few of the fun things we enjoyed while there:
  • saw videotaping of Confessions of a Shopaholic
  • waited outside of the David Letterman show with the paparrazi for a glimpse of an unknown star - never saw anyone though, haha
  • shopping at Toys R Us, although our feet were screaming for our heads ("Off with their heads" at every painful step.)
  • Times Square (you really don't have to say anything else here)
  • Starbucks in the Trump Tower

And some things we'll be sure to get on the itinerary the next time we visit (hopefully the summer):
  • Central Park
  • a Broadway Show
  • more Fifth Avenue (can't get enough)
  • maybe the wax museum and Ripley's - just for the heck of it, wouldn't the kids enjoy that?
  • A trip Uptown and to the East Side - we really didn't get east of Fifth Avenue.

On a side note, some guilty pleasures:
  • coveting almost every scrapbooking kit out there (I want the CK April one!!!!)
  • drinking raspberry coffee
  • listening to country on internet radio - yes! Who would have ever thought? certainly not myself!