Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Early morning snack

Sunday morning Agustín woke up with Daddy in his bed. He (Agustín) had been tossing and turning all night after a wild and crazy night of chasing wind up toys with Maria Emilia. Andres went to lie down with him so that we could both get some sleep, and ended up falling asleep himself. In the morning they both got up so quietly I had no idea either were awake. There in the kitchen was Agustín, sitting on the counter eating crackers - no bottle, no cereal, but crackers. It is so funny to see him deciding on the things he wants. Normally he would never accept a cracker from us that early in the morning, but this particular morning was different - he decided that a cracker would be his breakfast!

Monday, February 13, 2006

When to Blog

OK, so nobody visits the site because I don't keep it up. I am truly sorry. I guess I have just been using this blog as a way to learn more about blogging. Sometime in the next year I would like to create a blog for writers. I have been reading Mridu Khullar's blog, Jennifer Weiner's, and others', and find them completely inspiring. It is so great to get online and find writers from all over the world. I am determined to get some writing done this year, for my own sanity, but if I can round up a few extra dollars doing it, that would be great. Since we are not getting paid on time and funds are short around here, I need every penny I can get.
I know. Most of you are saying, "What! With a new baby on the way? C'mon, get real." But seriously, for me it is now or never. I have been hanging onto this dream for too long, and it's got me obsessed. One thing that would be great fun would be to write a children's book for Agustin and Nicolás. Not something I would normally be interested in, but how fun would it be to custom-create something for your sons?