Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In anticipation of The Grandpa Dan Show, the kids spent a very intense 10 minutes this afternoon looking for their favorite sock (which was their task for this week). Agustin has taken it especially seriously - he has changed his favorite sock several times this week. So far this is what he has finally settled on.

We'll see if it makes the 8:00 show.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Lego Nut

Now Nicolas has been bitten by the Lego bug as well. He saw that some kids have been featured in the Lego magazine and now wants his picture in the magazine, alongside his invention. So we took a picture tonight that we will send off to the magazine, just like we did for ñaño. He is convinced that it will get into the magazine.

Been thinking about Hannah all day - happy third birthday, cutie!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Taking the bus

Agustín is going to take the school bus this year. At least, for the moment, in the mornings. His grandma is still going to pick him up in the afternoon so the day doesn't get too long and he can have lunch earlier (the bus arrives at 3 pm), but we decided to let him take the bus in the mornings to help out with the morning routine. He was very disturbed the first day of school when he didn't get a bus number, which was another reason why we decided to contract the service (it is $27 a month - not too bad I guess!). It makes him feel very big and old and responsible. I just pray the bus driver is careful - one of the reasons Agustín loves the bus (so far) is because he says the bus goes "really fast - like a car race." Hmmmmm.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Grandpa Dan Show

I was afraid I was going to miss it - that I'd blank out a few minutes before 8 and turn off the computer or something. But I didn't. We even had Papa John's tonight so we wouldn't get bogged down in dishes and miss the 8 pm show.

So, after much anticipation, a lot of nervousness and curiosity, we finally got to see The Grandpa Dan Show! The kids LOVED it, and what a nice surprise when everyone came out at the end. (It explained all the hands we kept seeing, especially in the opening act where Tin was like, "How many hands has Grandpa Dan got?")

We had a great time and the kids are already searching for their socks and puppets they can bring to the next show.

I think you missed your calling, Grandpa Dan!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Start of the School Year

First day of school!

This year vacation must have felt a lot longer than last, as the kids were ready and willing to go to school. No bumps taking them to different schools. Agustín went to Paulo Friere and Nicolás to Freedom. Agucho couldn't wait to start his new school - and surprise! Six kids, including his best friend David, from Freedom! After he saw his friends he forgot I was even there.

Daddy and Grandma went with Nicolás, but he, too, was excited to see his school again and all his friends from last year.

There was an opening ceremony. All the teachers presented themselves - some gave speeches in English! - and it was not too long and quite nice. Pick up today is early - 11 o'clock, so soon I will be able to hear directly from Agustín what he thought about his new school.

Here's to a new school year!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

School supplies - last check

This year the school lists were much more manageable than last. Only 3-4 things we didn't understand, as opposed to 15-20. Only one page per kid, and before books we were only about $50 in the hole. Agustín's books, however, made up for anything we saved in terms of supplies. $150 for 8 books.

A little ridiculous, in my opinion. He's excited, though, especially about his two dictionaries this year.

Oh, AND the ruler. The ruler is a huge source of excitement. It must make him feel big.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Vandalists strike again!

One thing we love about our housing complex is how safe it is. You can leave things like bikes and toys out without worrying someone will steal them. You can leave your car windows down and only have to worry about the rain. But one problem is the vandalism. Until now, we haven't had to deal with anything more than the lamps being stepped on our taken out of the ground, but today I woke up and found this key scratch on the side of my car.

I am so mad, sometimes it just sucks to live in Ecuador. Stupid kids with nothing to do.

By the way, last summer there were a bunch of keying car incidents on the other side of the complex, so I am pretty sure this happened here, during the night.

Friday, September 03, 2010


These lamps can never be left in peace. Whether they are being knocked over by a dog or the kids running through the yard, we often find them uprooted in the yard. Today, however, while I was at home, I heard a bunch of kids outside but didn't pay much attention to them. Came out to go pick up the kids, and saw the lamps, two of them, laying on the sidewalk, one of them taken apart.

These kids need to get back to school. School starts on Monday and it will be about time, since they are starting to get up to no good.