Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Daily 2009

I got my December Daily album finished this year the day after Christmas! Woohoo! It's a great sense of accomplishment and I love how it turned out. In this post I will show the entire album, then post the different journaling/back story in separate posts. The 2009 album is different from last year's in that there is less about the holiday and more about Andres and I (and our trips).

Now I am contemplating doing a Project 365 (Photo-of-the-day) project. I know. Crazy! But so fun to look back on. I have really been enjoying looking at last year's December Daily (which just got finished a few weeks ago), so a Project 365 would be really cool!

December Daily Days 24-25

December 24th
Getting a family photo is really difficult. Nico always wants to be the clown, Agus is always with eyes half closed, or not smiling. This year we said "Cheese" and it turned out OK though!

December 25th
6 a.m. The kids, excited that Santa had come, rush to our bedroom to ask if they can go downstairs. OK, but no opening gifts until both Daddy and Mommy are there.
6:05 a.m. Presents are being torn open and handled, kids screaming, Daddy and Mommy coming down the stairs...
Santa brought Legos, Transformers, clothes, shoes, books, and a fish aquarium!

December Daily Days 22-23

December 22nd
Growing up in MN, the smells of Christmas were evergreen, cinnamon and nutmeg, and crisp air, a fire crackling away. Now, after 14 years in Ecuador, I have to add a new smell: mangos.

Also featured: Danish butter cookies - Agustin's favorite!

This year was a little "untraditional" around the house. With me working and traveling more there was less baking. We also had Manuelito here doing some work on the house: a December home makeover! Lovely!

December 23rd
Three years of the Freedom pageants and processions and I still don't get tired of it! This year we had a little "burrito sabanero" who had a hard time getting his Christmas spirit going (until the playground - see below) and Santa's elf - who smiled and laughed all morning!
Nicolas spent most of the pageant in the back on the playground - the highlight of the day! Swinging with his friend Diego was the absolute best for my little 3-yr-old. The look on his face says it all.

December Daily Days 18 - 21

December 18th "After school pick up"
With Mommy's new job, we have a different daily routine: Mommy drops you off and picks you up from school. It is nice, seeing you both in the middle of the day, and I enjoy having you in the car, telling me all about your day. Of course, if I happen to forget a cold Yogu-yogu (which happens more often than I would care to admit), there is always a little scene in the car. Maybe a bit of a struggle to get Nicolas buckled up -- he is usually too hot and cranky after the long day. The afternoon routine has changed as well: Daddy picks you up from Grandma's house and does homework with you before Mommy gets home. So far it is working well, although some days I do miss coming home in the van with both of you and Daddy.

December 19th
"Cual numero nos toca hoy?"
This year Nicolas really got into the chocolate advent calendar. He used it to learn his numbers. They were "one-five", "one-nine", "one-one". Finding them himself.
and on the back:
  • One-nine on the advent
  • One mini book at storytime ("Frosty the Snowman")
  • Four cavities!
  • First dentist visit
  • Two brothers who are learning how to play together and share.

December 20th
Xmas flicks this season:
  • Elf
  • The Grinch
  • Home Alone

December 21st
I wasn't too happy when I found out a few days ago that I was going to have to go to Cuenca for work for the 21st and 22nd, I'll admit. I had planned to do some stocking shopping, cookie baking, and simply organizing a bit for the upcoming festivities. Everything turned out OK in the end, as it usually does, and the hotel was beautiful - a "special treat" - the boutique hotel Mansion Alcazar. Rose petals ---even in the toilet!

December Daily Days 14-17

December 14th
Lights or no lights, tonight you two decided to work on a puzzle. It was real team work. Agustin - you've always been good at puzzles - even at the age of 2 1/2 you could put them together by yourself. Nico - you "put" them together great, only ont in the right place! But, tonight, don't worry - big brother helped.

December 15th "Believe"
It makes me happy to see you believe - in the power of love, the comfort of tradition, the warmth of home.

December 16th
A lack of electricity didn't stop us from celebrating the novena this year. We read the prayers by candlelight, sang a capella, and made lots of noise with our homemade drums.
On flip side:
  • Novena favorites:
  • playing with the nativity scene animals
  • Special K bars
  • crackers n cheese
  • hearing about Baby Jesus
  • being with the fam
  • treats
  • making lots of noise
  • "Los peces en el rio" (rock version especially)
  • "Jingle Bells"
  • singing carols
  • "Campana sobre campana"

December 17th
This time of the year you have a hard time keeping up. Twice this week you fell asleep on the couch, once in Daddy's arms. More sleep for you means more time for us to get things done, more time for brother to play undisturbed, and a better mood the next day!

December Daily Days 10-13

December 10th
There is something about this pocket Spanish-English dictionary: both kids will take it and "read" it for hours at a time, telling made up stories, proud they are "reading."

December 11th
So excited to collect things for the needy, you both raided your toy box, clothing drawers, and the pantry. Nothing was "too good". I'm proud of you!

December 12th "Mama's boy"
First visit to the dentist. You were tense, nervous, maybe a bit scared, but I was probably worse. I've always been like that with you - maybe because you were my first born, but I had a hard time sitting there watching the dentist work on you (we waited too long - two cavities!). A couple times tears came to my eyes and I felt like I was being a bad mother to make you sit there scared, but later you informed me that it didn't hurt, it was just "gross". I was relieved. I hope the next time it will be easier...on ME!

December 13th
This year at school Agustin was padrino for a 4-yr-old from La Bota neighborhood. Isaac Campos. Agustin decided to make him a Christmas card ( a very original, cute one!) and Nico had to get in on the action!