Friday, March 30, 2012

A Good Start to Spring Break

Of course, it isn't technically spring break here, since there is no spring on the equator, but it was Easter week, and the kids had it off, so the grandparents decided to take them to the beach for the week. Andrés and I had to work during the week, so we bookended the week with two trips to the beach (the second with Sebastián and his girlfriend).

The first weekend we made it down to the beach, to see how clean up was going since the huge storm that hit a few weeks ago and destroyed the shoreline.

Hmmmm, could be better, but at least you can see the sand!

Nico came down to the beach with us (Agustín stayed at home - not sure why he doesn't like the sand lately) and got his cars out to do some rallying in the sand. It was quite hot, and we had to leave quickly because the sun was beating down and frying us, but it was really nice to get in the sand and hear the ocean a bit.

Of course we spent lots of time by the pool.

Me, reading a book on my iPod.

The kids doing lots of cannon balls.

Some silliness before bed.

And cooling off by eating ice cubes - oh he has that Miller blood in him!

Excited to be alone with the grandparents, Agustín kept encouraging us to "leave whenever you want."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On Motherhood

I was just sitting at work today, thinking about all of the creative endeavours I would like to embark upon at this point in my life, when a thought suddenly occurred to me. Dorky, but it just makes sense today...
I have created two amazing little boys. If I died today, there would be two lives out there - two little personalities, wonderful and funny and bright - that would continue on because of something I (well I guess Andrés had something to do with it too, lol) made.
Pretty cool.
I never realized until I became one, but being a mom is the best. I can't understand those moms who wouldn't give everything of themselves to their kids. It actually brings me joy to buy something or do something and then think - hey, someday my kids will get that, or this is something that will be a memory for my kids.
I love that. It is so special and I am so happy that I am the type of person - the type of mom - that sees it for what it is: the most incredible experience a person could have. And the icing on the cake is that Andrés is that kind of dad. That we plan our future as a family, as a couple, and as individuals, around what will be best for the kids.
I know we are not the only parents who feel the same. But I also know that there are some parents who think that once their kids turn a certain age, they're done, that they have rights too and that their happiness is equally important as their kids' happiness. Nothing wrong with that - it is the "American way". But I'm happy to know that over here, at this house, that just won't happen.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soccer and Reading and Mommy School... Oh My!

The last week has been busy. The kids went to a soccer game with their uncle, his girlfriend and Daddy: Liga vs Independiente (?) I can't remember. Anyhow, it was at Atahualpa stadium. It was Nico's first time at a game and I was promised photos would be in my inbox that very same day, but so such luck!

Daddy bought the kids Liga jerseys and they have been wearing them (almost) every day with pride! Nico especially is into his Liga shirt.

Inspired by the game, there has been a renewed interest in soccer every afternoon. Needless to say, there have been a lot of soccer games played in our back yard this week. But for some reason, they always end in tears (You cheated! You lost! I fell and scrapped my knee/check/head/elbow! You hit the ball at my face! That was a foul! Was not! Well, by now you get the picture...)

Nico received a book in the mail from his grandma in MN this week as well, and we have been reading it every night religiously. It is about a girl who has a magic finger and curses a family that likes to hunt. The hunters turn into the hunted, but no worries - in the end it all works out and the hunters repent. :)

Agus has also been into reading a lot lately. Some for school (not seen as so fun usually) and some on his own. Favorites are the Lego magazines, anything science (What Makes me Blink? is big right now) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He also went shopping for a School from the Black Lagoon book recently and has been reading that. I love to see him just pick up a book and relax...

The kids had last Thursday off due to some political protesting scheduled in the city, so I stayed home with them and got some work done from home. Or meant too. What started as a work day quickly turned into a ... work day! Only this time it was "Mommy school" and Mommy had to play teacher all day long.

We created artwork and turned the fridge into a bird sanctuary,

Nico's birds - drying

mixed time capsules of baking soda with warm water and vinegar in a bag and created mini explosions, then made paper volcanoes and located volcanoes in Ecuador on the map, did some silent reading, practiced our handwriting, had math class, had phy ed (yep, you guessed it - soccer!) and learned how to sweep. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, but the kids liked it so much they have requested it continually since then! I am running out of excuses... :)

The volcanoes