Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quick check-in

I have been very preoccupied lately.

I feel like I can't get out of my own head. Like I always have something hanging over me: something to do, something to clean, somewhere to go, someone I should call, something I've forgotten.

I know it is partly stress. I accepted a freelance job with a big project going on with the Ecuadorian military and while it is super exciting and fun, there is a lot I need to do and it has got me a bit worried. We are also winding up the TEFL course, which is in and of itself very time-comsuming and tiring.

I can't help it. When I get like this, I feel like I can't enjoy. I don't like that. Especially knowing it's all in my head, really.

So I gave up on the blog and cleaning and personal life and have decided to just buckle down.

That doesn't mean I get a lot done, necessarily. I feel like a Sims character in my own life, walking back and forth and going in circles and occasionally looking up at some unknown entity in the sky and pulling my hair out.

Thank goodness for Daddy actually capturing a few of those moments where we can just cuddle.

The thing that most makes me sad is that I haven't done well on my 2013 Monthly Challenges.

In January, the Poetry Challenge, I read some poetry at the beginning of the month, but I didn't write anything, and didn't read the rest of the month. Now, in February, More Music Challenge month, the only music I hear is if I am taking the kids to school in the morning and listening to Disney Radio.

I am also weeks behind on Project Life. I finally got ink for my printer and started printing out photos, but I have few photos (no camera!) and haven't kept up on the daily little things that makes Project Life so awesome. I'm sad about that because I was looking at last year's project and love it so so much, mostly because I did a good job of writing down the daily stuff.

I'm not really going to beat myself up about it, but it makes me feel unrested and fidgety.

It's not all bad, though. We have been trying, as a family, to get more exercise. There hasn't been a lot of time, but the important thing is that we are trying.

Foot races

Swinging - a little too high for Mommy's taste
The kids had a program on Friday the 15th, and both were the "mascots" who had to dress up. Nico's class did England.

And Agustín's class did Switzerland.

I think they had a good time that day.