Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mother's Day Poem - Translation

I forgot to put the translation to the poem in the previous post. Thought you might like to hear it!

From the sky fell a rose
My mother picked it up
She put it in her hair
How pretty she looked!

Gotta love it when two little kids think you're the prettiest princess in the world!

Poetry Night in Claros del Norte or How to Feel Like a Million Bucks

So, you want to feel like a million bucks, do you? Well, I have the recipe and all it takes is two cute little kids (ages 3 and 5), one cheesy little poem, and a mother. The best part is the mother doesn't have to do anything, except get hugged at the end. So there!

This little poem has been everything I live for for the past ten days. In honor of the upcoming holiday (Mother's Day), Agustín and Nicolás have taken to reciting it for me every evening (and sometimes two or three times an evening).

They get real excited and say "Mommy, mommy, I have something to tell you..." Then they stand real straight and tall. They suck in their little breaths and start...
Del cielo cayó una rosa
Mi mamita la recogió
Se puso en la cabezita
¡Qué bonita que quedó!

And then for the very best part. They beam, ask me if I liked it, and RUN over to give me the biggest bear hugs in the world.

And if that doesn't make you feel like a million bucks, I don't know what will. Well, besides a million bucks.