Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've got a post in the works that has been in the works for probably about two weeks now. I keep putting it off because I needed to add some photos. In the meantime, I wanted to blog and thought, why not? No one knows there is another post to go up that I had planned on getting up first (well, now you do I suppose). There are no blogging police who say what can go up when and how. So here I am.

Apparently, with nothing to say.

So, here is what is up this month.
  • Still working without a contract. There was a flurry of activity last week as my contract got written, printed and signed and then two days ago withdrawn again. Back to the drawing board. My boss says not to worry but honestly I am tired of not worrying... It is what I do best, after all.
  • Agustin graduates from kindergarten on Monday. We will have the day off because the ceremony will be no less important than the crowning of the Queen. Then I am sure we will have to celebrate by taking the kids out, showering them with graduation gifts (can't give something to one and not the other), and stopping by the relatives' to boast that he made it! haha. Always so much drama!
  • I am so excited for kindergarten to be over. No more homework for me!!!! Oh, I mean Agustin. But since I have to sit and twist his arm to do it two hours every night, it will be a break for me! Yay! Summer vacation!
  • I don't think I could - well, would want to - function without coffee. Two cheers for coffee. Let's make that three cheers!
  • For some reason I just started thinking about the Chinese embassy here in Quito. Strange. I think that means time to go...
Watch for Stuffed Animal post soon...