Thursday, March 24, 2011

Celebrities in the midst

This trip, Agustín asked specifically for a Goofy hat. "I want a Goofy hat because that's what my daddy got the first time he went to Disneyworld. I want to be like him!"

Of course, Nico couldn't get left out of the action.

His hat, with that sly little wink, seems very appropriate.

And Agustín, with his separated buck teeth, couldn't look more goofy! LOL.

They drew a crowd. Everywhere we went, the staff would say things like, "Hey Goofy, you must have gotten off work early today." Or, "Hey, we've got two celebrities on the ride with us today!"

Needless to say, those hats were worn with great pride.

Ready, set, ....go!!!

OK, I think I am getting ready to get back into blogging. In February I was SO busy with TEFL. Some days I was working 12 to 13 hour shifts, so that month was out. Then, we went to Disney World for 10 days for the (second) best family vacation ever, except for when we visit MN, of course! When I look back on these last few months, I realize we have done an awful lot of traveling for our family, between the beach and Florida.

I am at work right now, but plan to get online tonight and upload a few favorite pictures from our Disney vacation. Actually, I might need to do 3 to 4 posts on it, because there were so many cute cute pictures! It will make me sad to see them, though, because I just want to go back. I think I could live in Orlando. The people were SO nice, everything was made to be as convenient as possible, the traffic was manageable, there was so much SPACE! It reminded me very much of Minnesota in the summer: so so green, so many small lakes and bodies of water, water everywhere. I have no idea where all the green comes from, though. We had 10 days of clear blue skies ("out of the blue clear sky"), not one drop of rain! And this is spring. Does it ever rain there?

I'm seriously thinking of looking for teaching jobs in Orlando. Or I could just work at Disney World. Even cleaning the bathrooms would probably be fun there. Not one worker is crabby, everyone was smiling all the time! It felt like a different world...