Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love. Love. LOVE.

Oh heavens to Betsy! Today I had to leave the house to get a passport picture taken (which the girl decided to photoshop - she didn't like my hair and gave me a whole new 'do, no lie! - and I was like, ummmm, you probably aren't supposed to photoshop a passport picture, but well, whatever) and the photo studio was next to my lovely yarn store. Couldn't go by without passing through, and couldn't pass through without spending the twenty that was burning a hole in my pocket.

I am beginning to see the love people have for yarn. Oh yarn! The lady gave me a tour of all the new yarns that had come in, and then I was set loose to look around (and they let me touch them!) and to keep saying, "Wait, just one more," when the lady asked me if that would be all.

So here is the stash I came home with, but oh in my mind I bought so much more.

Next month, next month.

Did you notice that I found a lovely use for both of my thirty-one bags? Yes, pure organizational happiness every time I reach in there to grab something.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homework to Hell (You know the tune, just switch the words!)

In that last post I tried to do an italics thing-y à la Ali Edwards, but I'm not so sure it worked for me. I probably won't be trying that again.


Anyhoo, even though I had this week off, I have felt like all we've done all week is homework, and it's only Wednesday! Argggghhh. I am having a Charlie Brown moment!


Ok, now that that is out of my system, here are a few shots of those infamous homework moments from the week.

Luckily, Agustín really does enjoy his homework, for the most part. This week he got to locate coordinates on a Cartesian plane (now wasn't that from like 7th grade Advanced Algebra?! Sheesh!!!); sew a squirrel; do English assignments involving cutting from a magazine (NOT printing from the Internet mind you - teacher's orders!) pictures like hippos and giraffes (not so hard) and other expressions like "taking a shower" & "getting dressed" (hard! No magazine in its right mind would be publishing those kinds of pictures!); and lots and lots of workbook and notebook stuff. Wow. I'm tired just thinking of it, and as I already said: it's only Wednesday!

And, to top it all off, whatever big brother does, little brother must also do.

I don't know, it's like some kind of Jedi/Lego Hero Factory code or something.

No wonder I found myself staring at our bedspread this morning, itching to color in the lines.

PS. Yes, I know that the previous picture is not rotated. It is a Blogger issue that has been pestering me for years - the last picture imported to my computer will never show up rotated on Blogger. We'll come back to it and fix it, no worries. I hope it doesn't bother you as much as it bothers me. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life has started!

Last week I started Project Life, and yesterday completed my second week. I am such a fan of December Daily, that I knew I would love the idea of Project Life. So I bought a core kit (Turquoise) and a variety pack of paper protectors (currently unavailable) and figured I'd start with the new year. The new year started on a Sunday, which was just very super convenient, also!

My title page

I absolutely LOVE this project. The days you want to, you can play, but the other days you can just grab your photos, jot down a few words and stick them in the pockets on the protectors and you're done. No messing around, worrying where things should go or how they should be, just words and stories on my perspective of my family at this moment in time - 2012.

Week one

Already I can't stop going back and looking at my pages, already I am reminiscing about the things we did and the things the kids said, already I am anticipating next Sunday when I can sit down and put together this week... Honestly, that is the biggest problem and only complaint I have about this project - I already feel like I'm wishing my life away, and it goes together so quick that I am craving more the next day!

I guess that's not a bad thing.

Other thoughts as I embark on this amazing (creative) journey through 2012:
  • I wish everyone were doing this.
  • I am embarrassed to keep saying it's so easy, it's so fabulous (but it is).
  • I can't think as to why I haven't ever done this before.
  • I love my life.
Week two

I was really worried about spending $50 (plus the cost of the album, which I got on sale at Michael's but which has already come apart at one end...) but now I am thinking that that is very cheap for a year full of memories.

I hope I am not eating my words by the end of this year. I really think I can keep this up. And, well, if I can't, I will still have product for 2013. :)

Oh! And I just have to mention that my sister Amy let me take her compact HP photo printer back with me to Ecuador and I. love. it. Makes for a super easy scrapping experience. :) (happy dance!)