Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I miss my blog!

Hello blog,

I miss you. I will try to stop ignoring you.

I look back at my posts and love seeing all those pictures that are stuck on my computer. I love reading the stories - even though some of them get put into my Project Life album, many don't, like the last DisneyWorld post, and I miss keeping track of all the big and little events in my life. Project Life is great, but I haven't been putting in the longer stories, and I feel like I need to.

So I vow to be better. I vow to write at least a couple times a week. I don't want to fall into the trap of feeling like I have to post every day, or backpost, but I definitely would like to have a few posts per week. They can be long, short, whatever. But I have to make them happen.

Good. This feels so much better.

Now let's see if I can keep my word!


Amy P said...

Do it! Do it!

Amy P said...

Do it! Do it!

Amy Elizabeth said...

so...ummmm...where are you?

RETA said...

Come back!

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com